Hi, My name is Anni Runge…

I am a User Interface Expert for Games. I solve graphical problems with the goal to create polished experiences that are a joy to interact with.

During my 4 years as a UI Artist, I worked with a wide variety of styles, genres, and technologies.
I love that my discipline brings all parts of game development together. From the early stage of designing wireframes and creating click-through prototypes to defining the style of the UI, until creating the polished art assets and animations, as well as integrating them into the engine.

As a self-taught artist with a Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering I have a wide range of skills, am very adaptable and always try to learn new things and broaden my horizon.

I am passionate about good communication in my job and in my team. I like to create a nice working environment where everyone will feel welcome and is happy to go to work in the morning.